Clickfunnels vs Shopify

Clickfunnels vs Shopify

Whether you already have an online business, or you are still at the planning stage, the platform that you choose is a vital foundation to the road ahead. So, who wins in Clickfunnels vs Shopify?

Each platform offers its own unique advantages as well as disadvantages in form of its capabilities as well extras such as software and tools that will make your job easier – what is Clickfunnels?

The two most popular and efficient platforms among online marketers are undoubtedly, Clickfunnels vs Shopify. With Clickfunnels specialising in the formation of a ‘funnel’ to guide your customers through and Shopify as an all in one online store platform to host your store on.

Clickfunnels vs Shopify both have their own specialties so its just a case of working out what you need to do and then selecting the best platform to serve your business. In the long run you need reliability, all the features needed for your online business and helpful support. The rest comes down to fine tuning the exact tools you need to succeed.

Shopify features and uses

Shopify is designed to act as an all in one platform to host your online store. Whether you have an extensive catalogue of products or even just one, niche product, Shopify will exceed your wants and needs. Shopify is also extremely user friendly with a lovely user interface that is both efficient and easy to work with. I was shocked when I built my first store using Shopify at just how quick and easy it was to set up a fully functioning, professional online store.

All Shopify plans will come with a free trial so you can test drive the platform before making any commitment.

With Shopify being the worlds number one online store platform, support is always easy to find with a plethora of forum posts, YouTube videos and articles, any question you may have is always resolved quickly and efficiently.

The features of Shopify are vast, but I will explain the main features that should be taken note of along with an explanation as to why they are important.

Store creation

Never designed a website? Don’t know anything about code? Don’t know where to start? Not a problem with Shopify!

Shopify has thousands of pre-designed free and paid for themes to get you going. All you need to do is browse through the theme section, view the demo stores and download the theme that is right for you. Its then a simple case of just editing the design such as pictures, wording, colour themes etc and that’s it.

Shopify have really excelled in making the creation of a beautiful and functional online store, a simple task for anyone.

Payment integration

Shopify offers multiple options for payment providers so that you can seamlessly take a variety of payment types from your customers.

The two most popular payment gateways are Stripe and PayPal with both being very well known and widely used. There are also many other payment providers that can also be integrated should you need it.

Range of apps

Shopify has its own dedicated app store that covers just about everything imaginable. Apps for marketing such as email campaigns, apps for design elements, countdown timers, upsells, discounts… the list goes on and on. Many are free, and others have a small fee. They are normally just a one click installation and have detailed instructions within the app of how to get the best results from that particular program. The shopify app store is a huge plus point for using the shopify platform!


Shopify has a comprehensive analytics dashboard where, at a simple glance, you can easily see stats such as the number of visitors and sales made. This can then be taken further to include analytics such as the traffic source, conversion rate, returning customer rate etc. The dates can be tweaked so that you can see data for any given date.

Data such as this is obviously extremely important so that you know exactly what is happening within your business. Conversion rate has dropped? Check everything is running smooth on your store, no social traffic coming in? push harder with Facebook etc. You know as soon as something happens so that you can rectify it.

Mobile app

This is probably one of my favourite features of the Shopify platform!

Shopify has a brilliant app where you can see all the vital stats such as sales, traffic etc. You can also make on the go tweaks to pages and products. So, for example if you’re out and about but need to switch up the pricing on a product – no problem! Within a few clicks its done, there and then. The app is compatible with both IOS and Android.

The best bit about the app?… The ‘ding’ of the sale notification! It never gets old!

Multiple sales channels

Shopify makes it easy to add multiple sales channels along side your existing store. Integrations such as a Facebook store can be easily added and all sales from that source will be shown separately so you can track the income made from each individual source.

The popular and very effective One Click Upsell app will also show as a separate sales channel and any sales made through this app can be tracked separately (TIP – take note that almost every successful Shopify store uses this app to really drive revenue up. This is something I noticed time and time again when I would see store owners screenshots of their dashboard. This app works a treat and is something I can certainly recommend!)

Clickfunnels features and uses

The Clickfunnels platform puts the emphasis on creating a sales funnel (or any other funnel for that matter) that you can nurture your potential customer through. Think of it like this – on a standard internet store your customer would land on the product page, decide whether to purchase or not and maybe checkout. It can be very hit and miss whereas with a sales funnel. They can ‘warmed up’ as they go through the steps of the funnel with extra information,

An example of this would be as follows – A customer enters your funnel via a landing page that asks them for their email address to access an exclusive offer (now you can remarket to them later with that email address they provided) they enter their email and are then presented with the next step in the funnel – a sales page. From here they would be taken to the checkout page. The next step is where Clickfunnels begins to really shine. You could then direct them to an upsell or what we call a One Time Offer. After this, depending on if they accept or decline the OTO they can be presented with more upsells or downsells. As you can see you are driving the customer through a series of steps in your funnel to maximise the order value.

This is just one example though, Clickfunnels can be used for a multitude of different businesses. Not just ecommerce. Clickfunnels is great for all types of lead generation, Bookings and reservations, service based businesses etc.

Readymade funnels

screenshot of clickfunnels market place

This has to be one of the best features when creating a funnel with the Clickfunnels software.

Clickfunnels allow its users to share funnels between accounts. This means that when someone builds out a funnel that has been successful for them, they can then send that funnel template to another user. The funnel is the atomically loaded onto your dashboard ready for you to edit. All the various steps of the funnel, text, images etc will all be there ready for you to use and you can also decide to make edits to anything should you wish to do so.

This is a great feature for anyone starting out who is unsure of where to start. By uploading a couple of funnels to your account you will soon get a feel for what works and the way you should be heading when designing your own funnels from scratch.

Clickfunnels also has its own library of readymade funnels for you to use as well and they are categorised depending on what type of business you have. You can select funnels for collecting email addresses, ecommerce, lead generation etc.

Payment integrations

Clickfunnels make it easy to set up a payment processor which is obviously a very important part to any online business. The most common payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe are easily integrated in a few minutes.

Email marketing

Email marketing should always be used when possible but many simply do not pursue it.

Clickfunnels make this easy with their own integrated system that allows you to run a full email campaign from within your account. The whole campaign can even be automated allowing you to create campaigns that will then run on autopilot and drip feed emails to your customers.

Creating your own affiliate programme

Within Clickfunnels you can set up and create your own team of affiliates to help push that revenue even higher. Having a team of people selling your product or service for you is always a bonus and Clickfunnels make this simple to do.

From your dashboard you can see the sales made through affiliates, their commission etc and all of this can of course be tweaked and set by you.

Drag and drop editor

screenshot of clickfunnels drag and drop editor

Clickfunnels use an intuitive drag and drop system for the editing of pages within a funnel. This makes designing a funnel especially simple even for someone with very little web design experience. Simply select the element you would like such as text boxes, email forms, pictures etc and drag them to where you want them to be displayed on the page.

This is a major plus point as some software can be extremely frustrating to use as it is not user friendly or has an awkward layout. Clickfunnels put a lot of thought into this and made it as simple as possible for anyone to use.

Clickfunnels vs Shopify – pros and cons

Shopify Pros

  • Low monthly plan cost
  • Great for stores with large product catalogue
  • Themes to suit any need
  • Comprehensive range of apps
  • Ease of use
  • Mobile app

Shopify Cons

  • Cost of adding multiple apps (this is optional)
  • Not an all in one platform


Clickfunnels Pros

  • All in one platform with marketing options
  • ‘Done for you’ funnels
  • Great for all business types not just ecommerce
  • Quick and easy from start to finish
  • Monthly price includes everything that you will need

Clickfunnels cons

  • Is not currently supported by a mobile app
  • Not the best option for an ecommerce store with a large amount of products

Clickfunnels vs Shopify – The Answer

When it comes down to Clickfunnels vs Shopify there is no finite answer as each platform is suited to a different business. They are both leaders in their field and provide excellent platforms to host your business. With Clickfunnels dominating the marketing side by taking customers through a pre-defined funnel, and Shopify offering a comprehensive platform to host a professional and functional ecommerce store.

I personally use both platforms and will continue to do so as I have multiple businesses. Shopify offers me everything that I need to run my store, and Clickfunnels, I use for everything from a product launch to lead generation.

In short, if you plan on or already have a large store with multiple products then I would recommend Shopify.

If, on the other hand, you have a service based business, need lead generation or have a store with only one or two products then Clickfunnels is the way to go.

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