Who is Wilco De Kreij?

Who is Wilco De Kreij?

By now I’m guessing that you’ve heard of the popular Connect Explore tool for Facebook advertising – if you haven’t a) where have you been?! and b) go and read my Connect Explore review!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Connect Explore, it is a tool to help just about everyone that runs Facebook ad campaigns! You can use it to find hidden interest targets that Facebook does normally show you. This decreases the cost of your ads as you are no longer competing for the same audience as everyone else. It also means that you can target interest groups that have not been targeted to near death by similar adverts as what you are showing.

Connect Explore has gained a huge fan base that is constantly growing since it was first introduced to the market.

Connect Explore has now been joined by a full suite of other, complimenting tools apply named the ConnectSuite!

Connect Retarget which, as the name suggests, is used for enhancing you retargeting campaigns giving you many options when it comes to your retargeting audience.

Connect Leads, a very handy tool to link your lead generation ads to a CRM or email autoresponder meaning, you no longer have to input the lead data manually.

Connect Audience allows you to do just about anything you can imagine to refine your audiences!

Connect Automate – Lets you automate the process of turning a` well performing post into a paid advert. All set automatically by the rules that you input.

So, who is the marketing genius behind all this software? Wilco De Kreij!

There is no denying the fact that Wilco De Kreij knows his stuff when it comes to online advertising – especially Facebook advertising. His first part of the Connect Suite, Connect Explore, proves this time and time again.

So where did Wilco begin his own journey?

Selling sunglasses online at the age of 16!

Since then he has gone on to produce numerous marketing tools and WordPress plugins to streamline digital marketing from his Netherlands base.

Videoskin, Upviral and SEO Rank Monitor are all offerings that have been developed by Wild and his team. Upviral, a viral marketing application, is wildly successful in its own right.

It’s always refreshing to see that the software or tools you are using have a genuine background. It’s great to know that they have been painstakingly developed and tested by someone like Wilco De Kreij who has many years of field experience in this industry.

There is nothing worse than paying for software to then find out its not only inadequate but also has no passionate support team behind it! (we’ve all been there!)

So there you have it. The brains behind the Connect Explore software you use (or SHOULD be using!) that constantly brings your adverts great results at a reduced cost.

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