What is Clickfunnels?

What is Clickfunnels?

tired of gluing together your sales funnels?

So, what is Clickfunnels and should you be using it? In a nutshell, Clickfunnels is a platform upon which you can host your website and, guide your customer to a specific goal, through the various steps in your funnel. No matter what you industry or business type, you can leverage Clickfunnels to your advantage. And yes, you should be using it!

You may not realise  but, funnels are all around us and used by most of your favourite companies and brands!

So how can Clickfunnels help me?

Lets be honest, running a business online is no easy task, there are websites, coding, design, software etc etc and thats just to get started! When i started out, i lost count of all the software packages and platforms i was having to pay for every month to try and stitch together all the parts needed for a successful business.

This is where Clickfunnels comes into its own! It contains everything that you could possibly need, all easily accessible, on one user friendly Platform.

What is Clickfunnels?

To understand what Clickfunnels is, we first need to understand the concept of a sales funnel.

Companies such as Airbnb, Netflix and Groupon all use funnels to their advantage. They take a prospect and guide them through a series of steps to reach a particular destination or goal.

It works like this.

Let’s say you have an e-commerce business selling a physical item. Your goal is to get people to purchase the product and become a customer. Things are never as simple as we want though! You need to nurture those potential customers and take them on a journey before they will become a loyal customer.

The first step in the sales funnel would be a landing page/sales page that you drive traffic to. You list all the benefits of the product, add video testimonials and photos etc. Landing pages are a vital component in funnel building.

Then they go through to the next step in the sales funnel which is the order page.

After placing the order they are taken to an upsell page where they are offered an irresistible offer for a similar product.

If they decide against this offer they are sent to a downsell page. This has a heavily discounted product.

The final step in the sales funnel is the thank you page.

Another example of a funnel in action for a service based business would be as follows.

Lets say you are running a campaign to Bring new clients into your marketing agency.

The first step in the funnel would be a page to capture the leads details by offering them a free guide to optimise their website for SEO.

The second step takes them to a page where they can download the guide.

Next, they are shown a page with a video sales letter as well as case studies on successful marketing you have carried out for your other clients.

The final page gives them the chance to book a call and receive their free website audit.

Each step in the funnel warms the lead a little more so, by the end of the funnel, the trust and authority has been built and they are ready to reach out to you. Always remember that the landing pages are the first step in your funnel so have to be captivating.

If they take the guide and don’t go further in to the funnel, they are added to an email marketing sequence where they can be reached with a set of emails over the coming weeks.

As you can see, with a funnel you are able to take the customer through a series of steps to significantly bump up your average order value or build authority and rapport.

When you compare this to a standard ‘add to cart and checkout’ or ‘let us do your marketing, phone us now’ scenario, its a no brainer that a funnel is the way forward.

This is just two types of funnel too. There are literally hundreds of funnel templates within Clickfunnels that you can edit or, you can simply create your own sales funnel depending on your business type and goals.

I’m ashamed to say that it took me far too long to realise that funnels are the way forward. Myself, like many others, start off thinking that a website will simply convert anyone that lands on it. Potential customers and clients need to trust you and what you are offering before they will make any kind of commitment. This is exactly what a sales funnel achieves.

What features does the Clickfunnels platform contain?

As i mentioned earlier, Clickfunnels is a one-stop shop for all of your needs. You no longer need to try and integrate multiple pieces of software to carry out the task at hand. Clickfunnels has everything!

So lets breakdown the important parts of Clickfunnels…


You don’t need to be a funnel building pro to use Clickfunnels effective! there are hundreds and hundreds of funnel templates, with many of them offered for free. All you need to do is load the template and begin editing to tailor it to your business. It is that simple!

There are templates for e-commerce, service based businesses, give aways, free plus shipping and the list goes on. I would be very surprised if you can’t find exactly the funnel you are after, within the template library.

If i search within Clickfunnels for e-commerce for example, i am then presented with sales funnel templates suitable for an e-commerce store. Theses are tried and tested funnels that already have all the steps that you need such as the OTO (one time offer) page, product or service page and thank you page. All you then have to do is edit these pages to suit your needs.

screenshot of clickfunnels market place

Editing the funnel

Clickfunnels have made it stupidly simple when it comes to editing your funnel in the funnel builder.

Drag and drop is the name of the game, meaning its a case of simply dragging and dropping your elements (title, text, video, photo etc) in to the position you want. This makes funnel building extremely quick and efficient especially as you already have the teaplate to work from.

Navigating through alll the steps in your funnel is breeze, too. This means you can edit each step of the funnel (like your landing page) and then move on to edit the next (like your option page).

Adding payment gateways and email service providers is also carried out within the editor and again, is made as simple as possible allowing the user to take payments and set up email marketing campaigns.

clickfunnels editor screenshot

Build your own affiliate team

Within Clickfunnels you have a tool to build your own affiliate team. If we use the e-commerce example, this means you can build your own team of affiliates to actively sell your product or service, and then you pay them a set commission for making that sale. This is great way to grow brand exposure and push your sales figures.

Funnel analytics

Obviously all this is useless without being able to see how your funnel is performing.

Clickfunnels has its own built in analytics tool where you can break down the numbers for how your funnel is performing. Is your opt in rate too low? Are your page views high? Are you making sales? This is all important information that is easily accessed through this tool and broken down in an easy to understand table.

Armed with this vital information, you can then make adjustments to the steps in your funnel to optimise the performance.

Clickfunnels pricing

Clickfunnels starts at $97 per month. This initially puts a lot of people on edge (as it did myself!) however, if you use it efficiently then this cost is very soon recouped. You have to remember that you would normally be paying for several pieces of separate software to achieve everything that is included with Clickfunnels. When you look at it that way, the price is actually very competitive.

You can also take advantage of their free trial to see what its like and test drive the platform for your business.

So you now know the answer to the question ‘what is Clickfunnels?’

If you still want more to answer ‘what is Clickfunnels’ you can click the image below for a free 14 day trial to get to know the platform for you and your business.

double sales with clickfunnels

I highly recommend checking Clickfunnels out as i haven’t seen a business yet, that has not benefited from the use of funnels. Whether you are offering services such as marketing, or selling physical products in the commerce space, Clickfunnels will help you grow your customer base and ultimately, your revenue.

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