Connect Explore Review

Connect Explore Review


So you’re here to read a Connect Explore review, well, you’re in the right place!

I utilized Facebook Advertising for myself and my clients long before I knew that Connect Explore even existed.

I had witnessed the rising cost as more and more businesses began to wake up and start advertising via Facebook ads. The more people there are bidding for a certain audience, the more the cost goes up to serve your ad to that audience. Facebook ads API statistics have proven this. Now a common problem when advertising.

I knew of the ‘standard’ tricks to bring the costs down but had never even thought or realized that there may be ‘hidden’ audience interests that I could be targeting and serving ads to – at a much more cost-effective rate!

Because these audience interests are hidden from the average advertiser, they are far, far cheaper to target because you don’t have to battle with the competition of others trying to serve that same audience.

So let’s got into the Connect Explore review…

What is Connect Explore?

If you’re familiar with the set up of Facebook ads (I’m guessing you are as you’re reading this review!), then you will know that Facebook offers you certain interest groups that you can present your advert to.

Connect Explore is an interest targeting tool.

The main feature of Connect Explore is that it allows you to target interest groups that are NOT shown in Facebook’s Standard interest targeting list. Connect Explore plugs straight into your ads account and allows you to hit these hidden interest targeting groups with a simple click. Genius!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, the big plus point of Connect Explore is that you will be able to target audiences that other marketers are unaware of. This makes your ads cheaper for you and gives you an edge as you can target previously untapped interest targeting audiences.

Here is an example of Connect Explore in action…

Let’s say you have a product that you would like to sell in the gardening niche.

You type the word ‘gardening’ into the interest search box, and Facebook gives you a list of interest targeting related to gardening. Remember! This is the same list of ‘gardening’ interests that every marketer will also see when searching for the same phrase.

Now, when we employ Connect Explore, we will see ‘hidden’ interests to target that were previously not available when using the standard Facebook target list. You can then add your interests to the campaign with a single click.

Breaking down your Facebook ads, you can then see results on an interest-per-interest basis and view the interest analytics.

I hope you’re still with me because this is where this Connect Explore review gets juicy!

Connect Explore Features

connect explore user interface

Hidden interest targeting groups

By now, you would have already realized that the main feature of Connect Explore is to find hidden interests to target with your Facebook ads account, then add them with a single click. This feature alone makes this software a must-have, in my opinion. Connect Explore uses the Facebook ads API, which is a great benefit over its competitors. Facebook does not allow access to its ads API to anyone who asks. Connect Explore has been granted permission.

No more split testing

Traditionally, you would need to employ split testing to determine which interests generate the best return on investment within your campaign. You would then need to remove the interests that are not performing and double down on those that are. Connect explore targeting tool does all this for you. In real-time, you can see which interests are performing and, in one click, delete those that aren’t.

Target suggestions

Like Facebook, Connect Explore will automatically show you interest group suggestions based on your typed term. Unlike Facebook, though, you will see hundreds of suggestions rather than the usual 25 Facebook show you.

Creating projects

We’ve all been there. You’re going through the list of interests and find one that sparks an idea for a different campaign that you have in mind.

Connect Explore allows you to save these interests to your Facebook project that can be accessed later. So if you’re creating a list for a campaign targeting gardening magazines, you may then find some good interests for gardening clubs. You can then save these as a project for you to come back to later.


This feature lets you target interests in a whole host of different languages. An invaluable tool should you be offering your adverts to a Worldwide audience.

Import interests directly to your campaign

Another one of my favorite features as this saves an awful lot of time and makes the whole process highly efficient. Other tools only allow you to copy the interest groups you find, and then you have to submit them to your Face campaigns yourself manually. Because your ad account is linked to Connect Explore, these newfound interests can be pushed straight into your assets without you having to lift a finger! A massive plus point, in my opinion!

Automated layering

While this feature is basically the same as Facebook ads’ narrowing’, it’s still nice to be able to access it within the software.

When we target interests, there is a possibility that the user may not have a strong association. Perhaps it’s just something they dabble in or are new to. To combat this, we can ‘laser’ target our advert by creating layers. For example, if we create three layers, then only users who have specified an interest in all three of those layers will be presented with our ad.

Layer 1

  • Gardening
  • Sheds
  • Greenhouse

Layer 2

  • Garden tools
  • Horticulture
  • Growing vegetables

Layer 3

  • Gardening weekly
  • Gardeners world
  • The gardening association

The user will have to have at least one interest from each layer to qualify in our audience. That way, if they like gardening, garden tools, and gardening weekly, there is a very high probability that they are highly active within the gardening hobby.

Who is Connect Explore made for?

The answer is simple – anyone who is using Facebook advertising! Affiliate marketers, e-commerce, marketing agencies, lead generation, local marketing consultants, etc., etc.

This tool is suitable for everyone, from those just running their first campaign to the most seasoned digital marketing professionals.

Being extremely user friendly, this tool is a great start for anyone wishing to enhance their marketing efforts, even if you have only recently begun to advertise your business using Facebook.

On the other hand, those who are marketing professionals and well versed in Facebook advertising can use this tool to make their campaigns run more efficiently and cut costs simultaneously.


Connect Explore is priced at a one-time fee of $197. This means that there is no contract or monthly payments that have to be made, and you have lifetime access. Once you purchase, that’s it, you own the software and pay nothing else.

When you consider how much you can a,) save on your marketing costs and b) how much you can generate in extra revenue through optimizing your ads, and the cost is very, very fair.

Money back guarantee!

connect explore guarantee

Wilco De Kreij is so confident in his software that he offers everyone who purchases a no questions 30 day money-back guarantee. If, for some reason, you are not happy with Connect Explore, reach out to their team, and you will be issued a full refund.

This makes it completely risk-free! We’ve all bought that piece of software on a whim, which we’ve then realized we actually don’t have a use for! In this case, you don’t have to worry as you can get a full refund immediately. Winner!

Connect Explore free trial

Unlike most software, there is no free trial offered with Connect explore; however… the reason that there is no ‘free trial period’ is because the 30 day guarantee is in place. Most software will offer you a 7-day free trial, but with Connect Explore, you are essentially getting a 30 day free trial period! If you are not happy with the way Connect Explore has performed, you get your money back, no questions asked.

Other software from Wilco De Kreij

Wilco has grown his software base considerably since first offering Connect Explore. There is now what he calls the ConnectSuite.

ConnectSuite offers a package of tools to hence any marketer’s job. There are 5 tools in total, with each covering a different aspect of advertising.

As a bonus, when you purchase, you get 30 days of free access to the whole ConnectSuite.

Connect Explore

You are reading my Connect Explore Review; you should now know everything there is to know about this software!

Connect Retarget

A tool to extract every last penny from potential buyers within your retargeting audience! Allows you to segment your audience based on how they have interacted with your website. This means you retarget only the most motivated buyers rather than wasting ad send on those who probably weren’t interested in the first place.

Connect Leads

In the past, I ran a number of lead generation ads and regularly used Connect Leads to great effect. Rather than export your leads and then upload them to your CRM platform or email software, Connect Leads links to your Facebook account and does it all for you. A great time saver.

Connect Audience

A one-stop-shop for everything you could imagine when it comes to customizing your audience. Segment your custom audiences, create lookalikes based on several factors and connect it all to whichever autoresponder you use. A great targeting tool.

Connect Automate

Say you have a certain post that performs particularly well, and you have an engaged audience. Connect Automate will atomically take that post based on rules you have predetermined and turn it into an ad! A completely automated and hassle-free way to reach a new audience!

Connect Explore Review Conclusion

So, you should now know every last detail when it comes to Connect Explore after reading this review – an invaluable tool for Facebook marketing.

It is a tool that since purchasing, I use on an almost daily basis for not only my own ads but clients ads too.

There is no denying that the cost of advertising is increasing, and competition is becoming fierce. The answer to this is to find a way to reduce the cost and hyper-target your audience.

In steps Wilco De Kreij!

This is exactly what this software was designed for. As time goes on, this will only become a more necessary tool to enhance your marketing efforts and gain the rewards you deserve.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Visit the official Connect Explore page for testimonials and videos

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