Connect Explore Alternative

Connect Explore Alternative

Is there a Connect Explore alternative that is worth your time and money?

Connect Explore is an amazingly effective tool in its own right but, should you wish to look for an alternative then the tools listed below are all worth taking a look at. However as a side note, i should add that Connect Explore is the industry leader when it comes to hidden audience targeting.

Many, if not all, the alternatives listed below, do not have the same functionality and capabilities as Connect Explore. There is a reason that Connect Explore is so well known among digital marketers…

If you’re reading this then you know what Connect Explore is all about. A tool that finds you hidden audiences that know one else is targeting. You can then target these audiences bring your ad cost down and making your campaign more effective.

So, if you are looking for a Connect Explore alternative then it needs to have the same capability or at least be somewhat similar to this. There is no point in me listing a whole bunch of Connect Explore competitors who don’t have a similar capability or, try to achieve the same goal.

Ads Explorer

Price – $97 per month or $297 life time licence

Allows you to find hidden interest targeting options and also uses the Facebook API unlike many of the other tools. Unfortunately though, it does not integrate with you ad account which is one of the most important features of Connect Explore in my opinion.

Ads explorer does not show you the same amount of interest targets either.

Interests Explorer

Price – $67 life time licence

While this tools has a fair price at $67 the fact that their website does not even have SSL certified ion, is somewhat worrying.

This is a chrome extension that shows you extra interests from a database however, it doesn’t appear that the tool has been updated for a number of years meaning the data they hold is pretty much worthless…

Interests Explorer, again, does not integrate with your Facebook ad account.

I would have to recommend that you steer clear of this one as it has not been updated for so long. As we know, Facebook is constantly changing everyday so, a tool that is using out of date data by a couple of years, probably isn’t going to be of any benefit to the user.

Ad Intelligence

Price – monthly subscription $18 annual subscription $99

This one also gives you the option to search a library for other ads that are currently running on Facebook, a nice feature. It also gives you the hidden interest targets as you would expect from any of these tools.

There is no option to integrate with your account like Connect Explore offers. A shame as, otherwise, this is not a bad alternative when compared to the rest of the offerings.

If i had to recommend just one alternative to Connect Explore, it would have to be this one.


Price – $99 individual $149 team and $199 agency. These are all life time licences.

Offers the same functionality as Connect Explore although, does not use Facebooks API so there is no account connectivity option. This means the interests you find will have to be manually added to your Face campaigns.

Also comes with a chrome extension which is a nice feature have.


You’ve probably noticed that the majority of these tools do not use the Face API and there is a very valid point to make about this. Facebook does not easily allow access to its API. It is a very lengthy process and most importantly, they only grant access to the best and most trustworthy offerings. I think this is something very important to keep in mind. There is a reason that they have granted Connect Explore access to their API!

I personally don’t think anything comes close to offering what Connect Explore can. I have been using Connect Explore for my advertising for some time now, on a near daily basis and have had nothing but profitable and positive experiences from this platform.

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