Clickfunnels Bonus

Clickfunnels Bonus

Clickfunnels from Russell Brunson is without doubt the leading software when it comes to creating high converting funnels within your business and i implement it myself on a daily basis within my businesses. So, time for the best Clickfunnels bonus!

Want to know more about Clickfunnels? I explain everything here.

Ordinarily when you sign up to the 14 day free trial you would not receive any bonuses however, I’m offering a total of 9 clickfunnels bonuses to anyone that signs up to the 14 day clickfunnels trial through my affiliate link. The 9 best clickfunnels bonuses come together to form a complete package that help anyone move forward wether its with a drop shipping business or a service that requires lead generation, there is something to benefit everyone.

CLICKFUNNELS ACCOUNT REWARD 1 – Personal, unlimited email support

You will have access to the best clickfunnels support from myself via email. You can use this for anything clickfunnels related wether it is help with designing your funnel or a marketing query relaying to a funnel you are building, i will be there to personally help you. I have worked within a variety of business models across many different niches and have personally created multiple 6 figure funnels for my business as well as helped others achieved the same. This clickfunnels bonus is a must have on its own but there are still 8 clickfunnels bonuses to come…

CLICKFUNNELS ACCOUNT REWARD 2 – Building the best sales funnels

Building The Perfect Sales Funnel clickfunnels bonus

A comprehensives 25 page ebook covering everything about sales funnels that you will ever need to know. This book covers everything from what a funnel actually is through to the marketing of your funnel and everything in between. Marketing is one of the most important aspects as if you have no traffic coming into your funnel then you don’t have a funnel! This bonus ebook will teach you about marketing your sales funnels, including using sources such as google Adwords and social media.


Funnel Hacker clickfunnels bonus

A complete set of 4 videos detailing all aspects of funnel hacking and how you can utilise this to help your business succeed.

Many aren’t even aware of what funnel hacking is let alone why they should be using it in their business. With this set of bonus videos though, you’ll be the best funnel hacker before you know it!

CLICKFUNNELS REWARD 4 – Landing Page Success Guide

Landing Page Success Guide clickfunnels bonus

Are you up to scratch with the latest methods of how to PROPERLY use a landing page and how to obtain the best opt in rates? You should be!

Landing pages are a vital part of an online business. They can be used for anything from email marketing opt in to ecommerce and everything in between.

Any page you have online that you send to traffic to needs to be optimised as a landing page. This ensures that the customer takes the actions you want them to and also brings your business the results that you need.

The best part of this ebook?… there is a chapter that actually drills down into how to make sure that your landing page actually converts. Who wants a landing page that doesn’t do what its supposed to!?

CLICKFUNNELS REWARD 5 – How to create the best lead magnet

How to Create a Lead Magnet clickfunnels bonus

Many people are familiar with the term ‘lead magnet’ but do they actually know how to create one that will provide results?

This click funnels bonus contains 19 pages of EXACTLY how to create a successful lead magnet that people will really want.

This ebook contains the exact information that allowed me to create a lead magnet that in turn, grew my ecom businesses email marketing list to over 24,000 contacts!

CLICKFUNNELS REWARD 6 – 13 ways to make your squeeze pages convert

Make Your Squeeze Pages Convert clickfunnels bonus

13 tried and trusted ways to make your squeeze page convert.

A squeeze page is a great idea for any business but… only if it actually converts. These 13 steps will ensure exactly that so, your squeeze page will do what its designed to and bring home the goods! This bonus PDF also comes with a video should you prefer to watch instead of read.

CLICKFUNNELS REWARD 7 – Opt-in-list building for beginners

Opt In List Building For Beginners clickfunnels bonus

Its no secret that a good email list can literally make the difference between a profitable business and a business that simply doesn’t produce. With this ebook you’ll know exactly how to grow a profitable email list that you can then use to market to.

This bonus not only tells you how to create an opt in list but more importantly, how to make that list profitable. There is even a module explaining how to make profits from nothing more than the list that you have created.

CLICKFUNNELS REWARD 8 – creative marketing tactics

Creative Marketing Tactics clickfunnels bonus

A 38 page ebook detailing how to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing your business.

  • Finding your target market
  • Digital creative marketing
  • Beating the blog drum
  • Case studies

This are just a very small portion of what is offered within this ebook. Don’t follow the crowd when it comes to marketing your business. Think outdone the box and do something different – something that no one else is doing. Learn to market your business creatively!

CLICKFUNNELS REWARD 9 – How to choose a profitable niche and dominate it E book

How To Choose A Profitable Niche and Dominating It clickfunnels bonus

Too many fail when it comes to creating an online income due to starting out in the wrong niche.

Choose the right niche, and you create a solid foundation upon which to build a successful and profitable business.

This bonus will allow you to not only pick the correct niche. but dominate that niche as an authority. By becoming an expert within your chosen niche.

A 24 page ebook that will help you dominate your niche when using Clickfunnels.

The 9 piece reward package will give you the perfect start to using Clickfunnels. Each bonus has been carefully selected to ensure that it goes hand in hand with the Clickfunnels system and will allow you to make the most of Clickfunnels in the shortest amount of time.

Many feel overwhelmed when they start using Clickfunnels but with this bonus package you will be able to hit the ground running. Then, even if you do still have any queries or questions you can use the email support bonus to contact myself. I always aim to respond in 24 hours so you will not be left waiting for days on end.

All you have to do to receive this Clickfunnels bonus package is sign up to the Clickfunnels 14 day FREE trial through my affiliate link on this page. Once you’ve done that, simply send me a message along with your name and email address via the Contact page, and i will send the bonus package to you via email.

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