Shopify Pricing

Shopify Pricing

Shopify is, bar none, the most alluring e-commerce platform out there today. They offer plans that accommodate all sorts of needs and budgets. But how can you determine which one of them is suitable for your needs? Lets find out and take a look at Shopify pricing.

Shopify provides you with a quartet of plans to pick from: the Shopify Lite plan, the Basic Shopify plan, the standard Shopify plan, and the Advanced Shopify plan. It can be quite a challenge to determine which one is right for you, especially if you don’t want to pay for features that won’t be needed.

Let’s find out what the benefits of each Shopify pricing plan are.

shopify pricing structure

Shopify Lite

For $9 every month, Shopify Lite will provide you with the tools you need to sell products on Facebook, allows you to insert CTA (call to action) buttons, and lets you accept payments by credit card. This plan doesn’t give you an actual e-commerce store or a cart. Rather, it provides small companies with the bare essentials to sell things online. Shopify Lite is ideal if you’re attempting to insert CTA buttons on a website or blog.

Shopify Lite also comes with Facebook Messenger integration. As such, you can interact with people through Facebook Messenger, which can serve as a customer support channel.

Who is Shopify Lite ideal for?

The purpose of this plan is to give e-commerce functionality to an existing website or blog. As such, a fully configured and hosted website is required. Shopify Lite can be integrated with WordPress.

Shopify Basic plan

This Shopify pricing plan comes with a promotional code feature, fraud analysis utilities, and the capacity to upload as many products as you want. You’ll have the ability to operate a completely functional ecommerce store. Shopify will process your orders without any need for third-party involvement.

Other benefits of the Basic Shopify plan include 24/7 customer service, unlimited storage, labels for shipping, manual creation of orders, free trial and an SSL certificate at no extra charge.

Shopify Basic costs $29 a month. You’ll also be charged $0.30 for every order processed, as well as a 2.9% fee per transaction as well. This plan is costlier than Shopify Lite, but it does let you fill your store up with as many products as you want.

Who is the Shopify Basic plan ideal for?

If an online store that is completely functional and looks good is what you need, and you don’t have any use for features offered by other Shopify plans, and the Shopify Basic plan is for you. If you have a Shopify Lite plan without a website, Shopify Basic will be an upgrade worth taking.

The Standard Shopify pricing Plan

The standard Shopify pricing plan costs $79 every month, as well as $0.30 for every order processed, and an additional 2.6% of each transaction. This is more expensive than Shopify Basic, but it does come with everything that plan offers.

You’ll have the ability to add as many products as you want to your e-commerce store. You’ll also be able to issue gift cards to customers, produce detailed reports, and send abandoned cart reminders. In fact, the abandoned cart recovery tool is a big incentive for users of this plan. It collects contact details from would-be customers who don’t complete their orders.

If someone took the time to add something to their shopping cart but didn’t follow through with payment, they were clearly interested in making a purchase at one point. That’s why it’s worthwhile to contact these people and encourage them to buy something they may have been on the fence about. With the abandoned cart recovery tool, you can send out automated (but customized) emails. For instance, if a cart has been abandoned in your online store, consider sending the potential customer a reminder or a time-sensitive discount to redeem.

The abandoned cart tool is a bigger deal than you may realize, because 67.89% of online shoppers, on average, bail on shopping carts. When these people receive remarketing messages, though, they end up spending 55% more money. That’s why it is important to contact such individuals and determine why their carts were abandoned in the first place.

Who is the standard Shopify plan ideal for?

This Shopify pricing plan is great for organizations that plan to scale up in a short amount of time. That’s because the unlimited storage and product uploads that come with the plan can accommodate a large catalog. If your website generates over $5000 in revenue each month, the standard plan is worth choosing. Your transaction fees will be reduced based on volume when third-party payment gateways are used. You also have access to the abandoned cart tool, which will enhance sales with little manual follow-through on your end.

Shopify Advanced

Shopify Advanced costs $299 every month, as well as a $0.30 fee per order, and 2.4% of every transaction processed. Shopify Advanced comes with the features offered by prior plans. It also comes with a shipping rate calculator and advanced report builder. You can upload unlimited products, and transaction fees are slightly minimized when third-party payment gateways are used.

With Shopify Advanced, there are no caps on the things you need. Take comfort in knowing that you’ll never come close to overfilling your storage space. You can upload all the products, pictures, and videos you want to. Best of all, no matter how much traffic you get, Shopify’s platform will accommodate it. Shopify Advanced includes the abandoned cart recovery tool, ensuring that your daily sales quotas are met to justify the higher cost of this plan.

There is a convenient management area in the abandoned cart tool. In it, you can see if emails have been sent to people who added items to their shopping carts, but did not follow through with a purchase. This area can help you determine why people make such decisions.

Last but not least, as many as 15 users (staff accounts) can access your dashboard. The shipping discount offered by Shopify is quite competitive, too.

Who is Shopify Advanced ideal for?

Shopify Advanced is great for organizations that want a third-party to handle their shipping needs. It is also ideal for companies that generate a lot of revenue, especially if they require detailed reports for projecting and testing purposes. The shipping discounts and lower Shopify payments transaction fees allow them to save some money. This is beneficial for businesses that earn more than $10,000 a month.

Shopify Plus

When you require resources to handle design and marketing endeavors, Shopify Plus can save the day. This enterprise-level system handles order management for you. You won’t be charged transaction fees of any kind, and your site will be securely hosted. Your storage space will total almost 200 terabytes, which is plenty of room for even a big box store.

Cost: you’ll need to get a quote from Shopify directly to find out what your customized rate will be. On average, though, you can expect to pay about $2000 each month.

Who is Shopify Plus ideal for?

Sizable e-commerce stores. If your team is large, but you don’t wish to allocate a lot of time to order management, Shopify Plus can help you automate that.

Transaction Fee for Shopify Pricing

If you opt to accept payments with Shopify payments processor, you needn’t be concerned with processing fees. Having said that, if a third-party payment gateway like or PayPal is used, you’ll be charged $0.30 and 3% per transaction, on average. Shopify will also charge you turnover fees, which may be anywhere from 0.5% to 2%.

Are There Other Things Your Money Will Be Spent On When You Use Shopify?

Shopify offers a vast array of apps, all of which come in different sizes and shapes. You can browse them all on the platform’s app store. Their apps can help you with automated receipts, email marketing, and more. A large number of them can be integrated with your store for free.

Some friendly advice – don’t pay for apps if you don’t need to. For the most part, you can find solutions to whatever you need without paying for them. Having said that, there are a lot of Shopify apps that are well worth your money. In that regard, the only apps worth paying for are the ones that can help your e-commerce store, especially if it doesn’t take long to get a return on your investment.

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