About new age wage

tom coleman

Back story

I started my journey into online business over 6 years ago as a result of becoming fed up with the amount of hours vs the pay i was working in my 9-5 job. I new something had to change and that i couldn’t go on like this for the rest of my working life.

After many failed attempts at various different business types i went back to the drawing board and began to research further into what other successful entrepreneurs were doing in this space. I began to notice that many of them were using the same platforms such as Clickfunnels and Shopify to operate their businesses.

Turning point

This was the turning point for me and my online career and it suddenly became obvious that much of lack lustre results had come from the fact that i simply hadn’t been using the right tools that were available to me. I had laid a bad foundation and was destined from failure before i had even started without realising.

From here, i started a successful ecommerce store on the Shopify platform. Business grew quickly and this store now does multiple 6 figures in revenue per year.

I diversified my income with multiple streams by creating a second store in a different niche as well as a marketing agency to help other businesses achieve results through the use of paid advertising.

Now i have a team in place to handle the majority of my businesses, i focus a great amount of my time to help others achieve success within the online industry. I soon realised that it brings a great sense of fulfilment seeing others literally change their life with a little help and knowledge. To see someone grow from nothing to achieving an income and lifestyle they never thought possible is truly amazing!

This is why New Age Wage was created. An online resource packed full of helpful information and reviews to help anyone succeed within this industry.

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